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Sometimes I think every time I respond to a thread I'm just offending everyone.  I wouldn't even call myself a tolerant person because to me that implies that views other than mine require tolerance rather than acceptance.  I just feel that people jump on and attack comments without considering the spirit with which the comment was made a lot of the time.  I confess that I am a theist and a Christian at that.  But my belief system is highly unconventional. I enjoy intelligent conversation and witty exchanges which are plentiful on this forum.  The only views I outright object to are the ones which prohibit others from believing or thinking as they wish.  I guess that is a very paradoxical. (not sure if that's the right word)  But bottom line is -- can believers coexist with nonbelievers?  Or will such a large portion of each group always be wanting to convert or deconvert the others? (even within each group) I would just enjoy an intelligent environment where people could agree to disagree.
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