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I grew up in a Christian home mostly, moved around a lot, and my mom always told me since I was kid that demons and angels exist, which the demon part scared the shit out of me as a kid. I remember watching Emily rose when I was twelve and was scared as fuck! Haha. But every school I went to I had so many fellow Christians, and had many theistic views on the world, when I was 13 I got taught evolution and 'Lucy', asked my history about it and said that evolution is history, and it's in the books for a reason. I began researching it and Darwin's natural selection, also read his point of view on why he thought the bible god wasn't credible. I kind of brushed it off, but kept in my mind, with still a theistic view, and still thinking bible god could be real, even the evidence contradicted it. I wanted go believe in this fairy tale I was told since I was a child. Then when I was 18 I moved in with my cousin who was atheist and very into science. Pretty much schooled me on science, watching shows like Stephen Hawkins into the universe, watching religious debates(mostly Sam Harris, my favorite debater, just because he does it politely), also reading books like a brief history of time by Stephen hawking, incognito by David Eagleman, and how the mind works by Steven pinker. After all the research and a few months of knowledge of knowing a few things in human history and good books. It just proved the obvious, there is no bible god. After I officially became an atheist it honestly was hard for a little, just knowing life after death is a fairy tale, being lied to by this faulty religion. Realizing the obvious was just right in front of me. I felt sadness for every Christian, even tried to help some of my family understand that it's obvious. I quickly learned faith is something you can't convince someone who's convinced in bible god. It sucks. Well that's my story oUf how I became an atheist. Thanks for reading!
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