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I'm new here and aren't religious or anything like that though I am kind of scared of burning in Hellfire for ever. There's a couple questions I want to ask you people, first off do you think that some parts of the Bible could be true but others aren't? For example, God may have lost a bet with the Devil or something stupid like, or just wanted his say in the Bible so maybe he put like one things down or told someone to put some things down from him and those specific parts of the Bible are true and the other's aren't? Also would God punish people for not following that specific part of the Bible or something? I know I'm probably going to get made fun of but these are just random thoughts that have been running past my head for the last couple days.

Next I was asking myself if God did love his children why, oh why would he send them to Hell and have them burn forever? I came across this passage and was hoping someone intelligent on here would be nice enough to retort it.

"Yes, God must punish those who break His law because it is the right thing to do. Just as a parent should punish a child for doing something wrong (intentionally), so God must punish those who do wrong. You see, if God did not punish the person who does wrong, then He would be unjust and unrighteous. He would be breaking His own law -- which He cannot do. But, someone might say that the punishment of a parent on a child is temporary whereas God's punishment is eternal. Why the difference? The answer is two fold. First, God is infinite and a parent is not. Second, God is the standard of all righteousness and the parent is not.

Because God is infinite, when we sin, we are offending an infinite God. This is incredibly significant. The reason sin is so bad is not so much because of the one committing the sin, but because of the One who is offended. In other words, sin is so incredibly bad because it takes on a horrible quality by the very fact of who it is against: an infinitely pure, holy, and righteous God.

A parent is not the standard of righteousness. God is. A parent is (or should be) using the righteous standard of God in raising children. Therefore, though a parent's punishment is temporary because it is instruction and correction, the punishment of God is eternal because our sin is against an eternal God. There is a big difference."

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