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I absolutely agree with you, Alzael.

I'm a lesbian, and I'm not of age to get married at least I do not believe. The deal with that is, however, that I live in Kansas. Kansas is a highly, highly conservative state. If I /felt/ like getting married here, I would not do it. Why? Because if I were to get married to a woman, and we were to live together as wife and wife, we would have to relocate somewhere pretty far away from where I live now. If we were to get married, and the fact of our homosexuality were to rear its 'ugly' head, it would be the subject of much pettiness and viciousness here. I say this because my girlfriend and I were holding hands today and I got shoved against a locker.

If it were to be legal, and in some places it is, it would be objected against on a moral standpoint by many people.

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