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Alright, so here's a little story before I start. TL;DR will be available below. I was born into a "christian" home. I was christian when I was 6, however, I was converted to Agnosticism when I was 13, March 16th, 2012 to be exact, now I'm 14 and brimming with questions. I attend a christian school currently and I'm picked on by friends for being agnostic, (Great friends, right?). I love to debate Christianity mainly. Now, I've been devoting hours a week to researching and evolution. To some atheist friends, I'm "Brainwashed" to think "Oh, evolution? No evidence. Bad." and "Evolution is false" by the years that its been stuffed into my head. Now, I'm "breaking free" of the "brainwash" I guess you could say.

TL;DR: I'm a X-Christian and I'm 14. I'm trying to become a athiest but I'm having trouble switching from old ways to new, more scientific ways.

Now, I've been researching evolution and I'm asking if anyone has any evolutionary evidence to post it on here and I will look at it. I may be 14, but man, I am ready for some of the most solid proof you got! Being picked on for being agnostic, is really, just making me disapprove of Christians more. Thoughts/Evidence? By the way, I'm not very good with grammar, so if anything was misunderstood just ask and I will be happy to answer it.
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