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just so i dont look redneck myself,
Just so you know, photon ALWAYS fly with a speed of light. He is the light after all.

c is defined as the speed of light in vacuum. However, when traveling through a physical medium, photons slow down.
so you know, when photons tavel  though medium they dont travel, they appear and when disapear at the beginning of an medimum and when appear in the other end of a medium.
and this has nothing to do with photon speed.

Where is no collapsing, it just when you don't look a photon - he can try all possible ways to reach his destination.
But if you look at him he almost becomes a stupid particle, not a wave, and he, like moron, has to go a certain way, looking at you with ugly face.

Since your first language isn't English, I suggest you stop trying to use metaphors and analogies. Because they make no sense.
As for the photon, it's always a "wave". It just behaves like a particle in certain situations. Which you'd know if you had, you know, studied what you're talking about.
I know what im talking about - i also know what you talking about - it's called trolling , when you have nothing to say you start doing "since english is not your native language" comments in a way that somehow will (in your dreams) make you right. Keep doing it, it's your last reserve. I respect that.

You know, where is a big buzz about quantum computers based in all of this, you may read all about it in newsfeed.
The point is - the more you look at photon the more it becomes your bitch, and at certain level you can totally control it. I know is hard to accept that you can contlol something just by looking at it, but it happens in quantum physics and sometimes even in convenience stores.

Wrong. You, sir, are an idiot. Read about what you're trying to say, preferably in your native language.
Also, if you can explain what you're trying to say in your native language, I'd appreciate it, since you're not making any sense. As I said before - you're just stringing words together. Here's a comparison:
The way shampoo gets rid of dandruff can be explained by collapsing a matrix function, according to quantum physics.
See? Makes no sense whatsoever.
I said about trolling and native language, but here you just repeating yourself and trying to use shapoo to get more sarcastic.
What is the point of all of your replies?
If you have nothing to say - silence is your best friend.
common man, peace.
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