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So to make story short - all people who don't believe in some kind of "Creator" can't prove their disbelieve, and think they are right untill someone provide enouth evidence to them to think otherwise. This is just a religion of disbelieve in itself.
You could not provide ANY creditable evidence that I said something wrong or incorrect.

Calling something a religion does not make it so.  Refusing to accept something without evidence is not a "religion of disbelieve".  It is simply something that keeps us from being gullible.

Also, it is not up to us to "prove disbelieve".  It's your job to prove that your claim is true.  If you can't, then that's your problem.
Religion is a bad thing.
All religions based on the fact that at certain point we could not prove or disprove something, so we start to believe.
People who say they don't believe in God could not prove it (unless if they uneducated and they believe in something stupid)
In your comment you said you dont believe untill somebody proves something overwise but yet you believe it is not true without any solid evidence to confirm your claims.
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