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I didn't. That sad woman is on ignore, as are a couple of others. I only mock those who are capable of better. She does not appear to be.
Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.  Mockery seldom gets anything but more mockery.  Treat others as you want them to treat you, remember?
Pot, kettle.

Who said I was offended?
Well, you whine about it incessantly. What else can explain that?
I actually find it kind of sad that someone who describes herself as a Christian has so completely forgotten the admonitions in the Bible against returning evil for evil (Romans 12:17)
Bingo! Your treatment of all theists is evil.
...some time considering how your own behavior might be part of the problem.
No it isn't. You are famous all over the world of theist/atheist forums for your aggressive behavior towards theists. You ban them without a 2nd thought. You have an administrator who deletes posts he doesn't like and none of you will entertain the notion that you might possibly be wrong. It is funny and sad at the same time.
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