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Pehaps Ambassador Pony is right, that or Nathan is mentally retarded.

now now lets leave those that can't defend themselves out this.  Stop labeling people.  Good luck folks I am singing off.  your lack of proof that god does not exist forces me to believe you are crazy.

In all seriousness thank all of you that responded.  it is always good to get different perspectives.  I will have to figure out a way to get proof for all of you.  it obviously will take time. 

Be Blessed and I pray God does show himself to all of you acceptp Lucifer you already know he exists.

You've yet to prove Zathar does not exist, yet Lucifer and I have given our testimony to his existence. You know Zathar demands that you give up your God for him because he will save the world from the Quasars and those who believe in him will be granted an eternity in his special Nebula where you're able to have all that you wish and live in harmony. Why worship your God when Zathar actually exists and the consequence of not worshipping him is the potential risk of destroying the earth and you be severely punished for it.

Can you prove to me that my statements are wrong?

Nope Zather exists.  is a childs game called War of warcraft.  Does your mommy know your are playing with matches?
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