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I am The One Above All, and I do not appreciate this mockery. You will answer for your sins, NATHAN.
Nope Jesus died on the cross so I don't have to.

You will kneel before My magnificence, but I will show you no mercy, for I have given you all the proof you need, and still you doubt. I have revealed Myself to you through this forum, and through My miracles. I allowed you to live all those years ago. I allowed you to return to your family. Yet you still doubt. My patience has its limits, NATHAN.
I bow to no God but Jesus.

To paraphrase one of My sons:
I am the LORD your GOD, and you shall not have any gods before Me.

Accept Me into your heart; live your life as I had planned, and all will be well

As for your soul, even if it DID belong to Jesus, who do you think Jesus belongs to? I made him. He is My son (and/or grandson, depending on how you look at it). He belongs to Me..

Wrong Again you have no proof as everytime I use the name Jesus you must submit to the Holy, Holy Holy God.  The I am, the Alpha and Omega.  He was before you and created you.   you prideful destroyed creature living in darkness for eternity.  When you see the Clouds to the east you know your time will end.  My future is in eternal heaven, your future is torment in the lake of fire for all of eternity. 

Jesus please come back soon. 

So you're a space pimp? Well played.

Life was popping up everywhere in the universe. I was concerned for you, so I created children in extremely large numbers.

I think Zathar was just rather a bit concerned with the fact nobody on this planet believed in him. I guess all this malarkey about Yahweh pushed him over the edge? Don't be too hard on him, I'm sure he meant well.

I won't, but I explicitly told him - this galaxy belongs to the gods of Earth, Nibiru and a few other worlds you can't pronounce. You can see why I'm a bit upset over this.

How do you know he's the devil? Wouldn't it be so like the devil to create 3 religions believing in the same God and have them fight amongst themselves? Jesus is the spawn of the devil, the bible is the devil's word not God, isn't that right Lucifer?

Well, more or less. There's no actual "Devil", just a few of My children who went "off the rails", so to speak. YHWH happens to be one of them, with the killing and the slaughtering, and the tempting people with those fossils...
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