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That leads me to think that you don't really know what you believe, but are repeating something you have been told.

I am repeating what I am able to confirm that is taught in the Bible.  Many people have helped me along the way.

Quote from: nogodsforme
When you try to mesh what you have been told about god, the world, and so forth with common sense reality, you end up sounding like you are making up stuff as you go along.

Some of the things you are asking me puts me into the realm of speculation.  I can only answer for sure the things that are recorded in the Bible.  The Bible has very little details about how things will be operated in the future, or at least not a lot has been revealed to me.  While I don't mind speculating, I don't like presenting speculation as fact.

Quote from: nogodsforme
You talk about all the people who have ever lived being brought back to life, but there being no overcrowding....

Here is where I have left a gap.  I said everyone will be brought back to life, but not in an absolute sense.  Many, but I don't know how many, will not be resurrected.  Those that have died through direct intervention of God will not be resurrected.  These include all those destroyed in the flood and all those destroyed at Armageddon.  Also everyone will not be resurrected at once and some that are resurrected may not remain through the entire 1000 years.  So I have no way of knowing exact numbers of how many will be alive at one time because God has not provided these numbers.  But I do know God's purpose was to have the earth filled and not overfilled.  I can speculate, and believe, man will eventually inhabit other planets, but the Bible neither confirm nor denies this.  So I cannot present it as fact.

Quote from: Anfauglir
What does that entail, please?  What lessons are going to be taught by Jesus?

I don't know the exact details.  I can only answer according to what I know.  I know the Christ will have the same personality as he did while on earth, but he will not have to submit to higher man made authorities.  I'm sure some miracles will occur but there will be no magic spell to take away our free will.  His lessons will revolve around loving others.  Probably there will be counselors since he has provided some in our current day.  Only rebels will receive adverse judgement.

For example, noone will go without the necessities of life.  People will not hoard things to the harm of others.  People will not have mental illness.  No Satan.  So why steal?  Perhaps there are other stumbling blocks that cause people to steal.  Whatever they may be, they will be removed.  And there will be an education program, although I don't know the exact content of the lessons, other than people will be taught to love.  Yet despite all this some may still choose to steal just to be rebellious.  If so, they will be done away with at least by the end of the 1000 years if not before.

Quote from: jaimehlers
Which basically means you know deep down that if you debated us seriously, you'd risk losing your 'precious' faith.

Not at all.  Everything is permissable but not everything is beneficial.  The goal of debates on forums like this is to win, but not necessarily to be right.  Often tempers flare, people become dogmatic, and resort to trying to browbeat their opponent into submission and even sometimes resort to childish name calling.  I do not want to provoke these things nor be provoked into doing them.  Either way I will have disowned my God and his message and love of my neighbor.  And then what good am I?

That's why all you're willing to do is try to plant a seed.  Imagine if farmers operated in a similar manner:  "I'll just toss these seeds on the ground here and hope that God makes them grow."

No.  First you must select the type of seed or something will grow that you did not want.  Next the seed must be carefully planted.  Then the seed must be watered and the growing plants must be tended.  This is the farmer's job.  He does everything but make it grow.  If he finds a tender shoot and begins pulling on it to make it grow faster (debating), will he not uproot it?

Also, you're straying very close to preaching here.  By declaring that you aren't willing to debate anything, only answer questions for clarification, you're expecting other people to listen to you but you aren't willing to do the same for them.  That's practically the definition of preaching.

People on this thread are questioning if my statements are true and I am answering as best I can.  Some of my statements have been opposed and I respond as I am doing now.  That is different than debating.  A two sided discussion is fine with me, but if it descends into pointless debate then I must obey God.


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