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Jst, the fact that there are so many ways to interpret what the bible wants you to do--and therefore so many different kinds of Christians-- should tell you something.

It tells me that many people want to know God.

Also, it is not clear what is meant literally and what is meant to be metaphorical, poetic or symbolic. Would you like to live in a society that interpreted everything in the bible literally, and was governed by Christianity-based laws?

If you commit the sin of lying, they cut out your tongue. If you commit the sin of stealing, they cut off your hand. If you commit the sin of adultery, well, you get the idea. For repeat offenses, stoning to death. For blasphemy or apostasy, burning at the stake.

Welcome to the Middle Ages. Welcome to the Taliban.  :(

I want to live in a society that has Jesus as it's king.  Nothing less will suffice.
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