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I've never told anyone this before but when I was around 16/17 and going through a period of distress I had a couple of auditory hallucinations and basically invented my own demi-god named Aruul. I can't remember what Aruul said to me but it was in a voice that was not my own and seemed to come from all around me. Oh, I do vaguely remember one that was something like, "The soul is cleansed in the rivers of the mind.", there were only four or five of them but they were all kind of poetic like that and all "came to me" within a few nights of each other while I was lying in bed. I remember struggling to stop myself just thinking up something and pretending it was Aruul. I would even say little pseudo prayers to Aruul, simple things like "please help me rest" if I couldn't sleep or "give me energy" if I was feeling washed out. And you know what, most of the time it worked.
I was already a staunch atheist at that time but the experience, the hallucinations in particular, had such a profound effect on me that I still fell back to asking Aruul for help up to about a year later.

I was not raised in any religion, yet when I felt helpless and alone I created the basis of my own original religion spontaneously. I don't believe there is anything supernatural to it, but I do think that something significant happened, I think I somehow tapped into my subconscious and a way to self-medicate. Aruul was little more than an imaginary friend, but I think he helped me to feel at ease and that I could regain control of my life.

I have no idea where the name came from, I have looked it up online and found nothing close to it.
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