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I'm a bit late to the party and I've only read the first page of comments but here goes...

The use of historical figures in works of fiction is common practice, therefore, the historical inaccuracy of any events depicted in the bible doesn't affect the likelihood of Jesus' existence, or any other biblical character. The reverse is also true: if Jesus were proven to exist that is not proof of his divinity, nor does one accurately recorded event in the bible verify everything within its pages.

You do not trust the bible but is there any religious text that you do trust? Could you write a religious text that you could trust? Or do you think that it is impossible for mankind to interpret the word of god and there will never be a true religion?
Why do you believe that god loves you?

You have cancer. We know that.

Do we really, Jag? I haven't read her "Cancer" topic, mainly because I'm a heartless sonofabitch when it comes to Junebug, but there I bet she's appreciative, accepting, perhaps even nice and coherent in the the things she says or replies to. She listens to the advice given, right? Her words may even sound quite intelligent.
You are being extremely insensitive and disrespectful, Nam. Even if you have suspicions they should remain your own. This is one case where believing and being wrong is better than disbelieving and being wrong.
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