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Tero, the problem is that some people are on one page and others are on another page. I think you and I are on the same page. Discussions shouldn't become contests, they should be arenas for the sharing of information and points of view. Sometimes it's a good idea to even step away from a discussion for a while and think about what has been talked about, mull it over, maybe look into it a little bit, and then come back. The problem is that discussions often turn into quick fire battles with little thinking and a lot of instant response. Humans aren't generally that good at multitasking, what I mean by that is that it's difficult to juggle responding to something and really thinking about what you're responding to. Most debates especially on forums are battles. I've rarely seen anyone in a debate stop and think and even more rarely change their mind. Debates have little to do with changing minds and more to do with defending points of view. Each side wants to cause the other side to change their mind yet never change their own, in the same way that in a war each side wants the other side to die but they themselves don't want to die. It's a very male activity, with the emphasis on winning at all costs. How often do you see women in public debates? Not very. Women are generally better listeners, and they take the time to reflect rather than preoccupying themselves with responding constantly. And what are debating skills anyway? You can be a great debater and still be completely wrong.

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