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I know that I have not been posting on here as much as I did last year, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you on how becoming an atheist has truly had a positive impact on my life.

I ___________strongly___________ suggest you "convert" back to being a Christian. Heaven and hell are BOTH free. Jesus paid the price on the cross for your sins. Asking Jesus for forgiveness and asking Him into your heart(Revelation 3:20) is how you become born again. Jesus cannot change you from the outside but when you ask Him into your heart(soul) then will you be fit to be in heaven.

Look at the numerous NDE videos on youtube.com about heaven and hell. They are all saying the same thing accept the free gift of salvation or accept your free fate of hell. Don't think that you know more than NDE people who HAVE experienced EXACTLY what the bible says happens to believers and non-believers.

Here is an excellent video of a NDE:

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