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My biology professor brought this up in our last lecture.  He said that while it's an interesting idea, he wouldn't subscribe to it yet.
Hmm, I don't have biology again until Monday and I'm curious to know what my professor will have to say. I think he's getting an email from me before then so I can ask him about it.

Warning  ;D I'm going to have a "squeee!" moment about being in school, because oh my Darwin, I'm loving it!

As much as I love this place and all the things I learn here, I'm almost giddy from having professors so readily available to me to clarify the science topics that I don't understand very well. Prior to this semester, I hadn't been in a science classroom in almost (eek) 30 years - there were a lot of holes in my knowledge, and still are. I've done a fairly good job keeping somewhat up to speed on new developments and discoveries on the topics I'm personally intrigued by, but there are a lot of things I really only superficially understand, certainly not well enough to explain to someone else, but enough to be able to have conversations with a few smarter-than-me people I know IRL. My son among them - he's one of those people who just seem to "get" stuff like physics without any real effort.

I've picked up a lot of things I knew nothing about from here, and have done some research on my own as well. But there's really no substitute for being in-person with someone who understands the specific topic, and has a Very Large Whiteboard available.

It helps when they also have a sense of humor and patience - as long as they continue trying to explain, I continue trying to understand. This is absolutely not the experience I would have had if I'd gone to college straight from high school.

Ok, "squeee" moment over.
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