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^^^Really? Even if you are correct (I believe you offered lying or schizophrenic as alternatives), that still tells me that there is a human being who is hurting badly on the other end of the internet connection. That may mean little or nothing to you, but taking her at her word regarding her health costs me nothing, and accusing her of lying (which I don't believe is the case) is f'ing unnecessarily cruel. I can dig up compassion for people I don't agree with Nam - I know that's not your way, but I'm comfortable with it. If you think that makes me blind or clueless, I can live with that as well.

You keep doing what you do best - calling bullshit whenever you see it in no uncertain terms - and I'll keep doing what I think I do well - trying to understand the other person's position whether I agree with it or not. I appreciate your input, even when I don't appreciate your methods.
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