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Jag I don't think you are a meanie.  I think you think you are my mother.  I think you think you are the only one that knows anything.  In fact I think that of 75% of the members here.  You better listen to me but my ears are closed when you speak/type.  I think y'all think if you just make fun of me enough I'll change my mind and be like you; not that there's anything wrong with you, but I am who I am and there's nothing wrong with who I am.

Ok, no worries at all sweetpea. I won't offer you any more suggestions. I'll treat you the same way I would treat anyone else who says the things you say. Frankly, from my perspective that's about the meanest thing I could do to you but it's also what you are asking for - you're on your own.

Congratulations junebug, you just lost your last defender.
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