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^ Perhaps you are mistaking fear of God with despair and anger about stupidity.

But really, I've never witnessed scientists doing what you describe - more roll-eyes and face-palms and shaking-heads at the ignorance theism will bring to any classroom.

if it's so stupid, why are they afraid to teach it?
If it's so stupid, why would anyone teach it? Why would a teacher teach stupid on purpose? Ok, to be fair I can come up with reasons to do so - but all of them include making clear in the end that "the stupid" was for illustrative purposes only which is not what you are proposing.
Seems to me they are scared children will like that explanation better and abandon evolution belief.
And it seems to me that once again, you are making stuff up to support your ideas. Do you really mean the things you type?
if they were so confident children will just laugh it, they should have no problems teaching it.
I sincerely hope you were homeschooled. It's the only explanation I can come up with that would explain your shocking ignorance over teaching methods.

Your suggestions, frankly, are a waste of already limited time and resources. Keep religion in the home - that way whatever crazy crackpot sh!t the parents can come up with can be reinforced by them and them alone, and they can just teach their own kids to ignore anything the instructors say that contradicts their personal Jesus doctrine. Problem solved for real and within legal limits.

See how simple it is to just follow the law and solve a non-existent problem by not trying to stuff "god" into science education - by not insisting that religion be included in science teaching? That you even think this is a reasonable idea demonstrates how much you don't grasp about science and the scientific method - so here's the most basic primer I could find: Steps of the Scientific Method

Come on skepdude, open that mind a tiny bit and learn a little so you get something out of all your time here.

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