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I think the bible is a disgrace to humankind. We're in agreement that it was not divinely inspired, and is in fact the work of humans, so I put the blame where I think it belongs - squarely on people who wanted to be obeyed and were willing to use threats of eternal damnation to ensure it.

I'd like to propose a slightly different suggestion on jb's behalf. I'm sure she'll set me straight if I have this wrong.

I get the impression that junebug is well aware that she has beliefs in a creator that has similar attributes to the God of christianity-lite (you know, the God of Love that doesn't show up in the bible much) and in light of her chosen beliefs, she rejects the nastiness and cherry picks what she accepts - this is standard operating procedure among moderate believers and at least in this case, comparatively harmless. She categorically denounces the opportunities to use those beliefs to oppress others and consistently sides with the oppressed - as long as she continues to do so, she can SPAG all over the place and it won't bother me one bit. I realize that this is very frustrating to some members, but I'll take a kind-hearted, well-intentioned believer in a self created decent deity over a "Crusader for Christ" type any day. YMMV - I would like to see more critical thinking, but she has come a long way in her postings during her time here and I want to give fair credit to her for that. It couldn't have been easy.

I'm tossing this out for approval or dispute from junebug herself - I suspect that she uses the word "God" to essentially mean "source of creation" rather than anything related to the "Christian homicidal maniac who hates most of us and is itching to send us to hell to burn for eternity" - you know, the one in the bible that she's denouncing in this thread. She also indicates (right here in this thread) that her beliefs are influenced by other traditions such as Buddhism and Native American traditions so continuing to insist that she is a christian whether she likes it or not seems to me to be somewhat unfair. If she is using the term "God" because it's familiar to most everyone she is surrounded with, but has made an effort to make the distinction clear here, we could consider dropping the bible argument in favor of discussing the rest of her beliefs. SPAG, yes, but she's made no secret of that in all the time she's been posting here. She has consistently stated that she does not believe the bible is the inerrant word of god. I'm going to have to side with her - she a SPAGarian, not a christian - true of most christians, but usually not to their knowledge. And she does know it - in fact I don't recall her ever denying it (although I'm sure if she has, someone will link to it and I'll take it back  ;)).

junebug, I'm very interested in how you came to hold such diverse views on God. I went though a period of serious SPAG during the years that I was still a believer (at least I thought I was  ;)) so some of what you say reminds me a great deal of that time in my life. I held beliefs similar to those you seem to have. To this day, I find Buddhism very appealing as a philosophy, minus a deity. The emphasis on a wide view of the world - I like it.
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