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Deja-vu..... or something like that.

Abortion Facts courtesy of Guttmacher Institute and Jag's forced nosiness into other people's sex lives for a whole semester:
*   Viability –
*   no state permits unrestricted abortion past 24 weeks
*   survival rate of premature infants:
•   2% of babies born at 22 weeks
•   19%  of babies born at 23 weeks
•   40% of babies born at 24 weeks
•   66% of babies born at 25 weeks
•   77% of babies born at 26 weeks

*   Abortion rate percentages by date:
•   61.8% before 9 weeks
•   17.1% weeks 9-10
•   9.1% weeks 11-12
*   This accounts for 88% of all abortions performed in the US, long before the fetus has any chance of survival outside the womb if miscarriage occurs instead
•   6.6% weeks13-15
•   3.8% weeks 16-20
•   Only 1.5% during week 21 or later
•   Banned in all states past 24 weeks unless rape of life of mother exemption applies

I've gathered a huge amount of data and statistics on this topic. If we're really going to discuss this again, I'm prepared to post every last bit of it. To be clear to everyone, that's not meant as a threat, it's more like a warning  :P
Edit: there is no significance to the occasional *; something went screwy when I posted and I went for the easy fix.

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