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One should love their enemies and be willing to die for them.
Whatever dude. Demonstrate this please. Really, I'm waiting for an demonstration of you loving your enemies and being willing to die for them. Otherwise, I'm compelled to call "bullshit".

That's fine.  I'm not looking for any specific reaction to my views.

Dodge again.

You put the post up, all I'm doing is asking you to back it up with something. If you aren't willing to do so, why did you say it in the first place? Dying FOR your enemies? Really? Why should this be taken at face value with no challenge? And if you refuse to back this up, why should anything you say be given any consideration at all?

And once again, you skipped over the substance to respond to fluff. You're constant sidestepping is not being overlooked - you DO realize that, right?

What you look at, think about, and determine is your own business and I should not stick my nose into it.  You'll find that comments like that get my attention and the rest get neglected as a result.

In other words, you'll sidestep answering questions that request some sort of support. Got it.

No more difficult questions from me since you have no answers. Enjoy your visit.
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