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Japan probably gets more tsunamis than the US. Canada probably gets more blizzards/snowstorms than the US. The Middle East probably gets more sandstorms than the US. These are all naturally occurring events that are not new. Certain weather events are more likely in certain places - topography, climate, ocean proximity, size of land mass in question, all of these have a role in weather events.

Don't fall for the evangelical explanation of God judging us - it only holds up until you think. Other places have fatalities due to weather, and they are just as likely to have strong beliefs in their own gods too. Thus, even if god exists, unless he is responsible for all weather events he is responsible for none of them.

The US is not unique in being brutal to natives upon settlement. Australia has a bloody history that's comparatively recent as well - the aboriginals did not fare well under the new settlers. The British Empire was not a peace-promoting mission, it was a violent expansive land and power grab. It's a pattern that holds true for almost every expansion throughout history and is hardly specific to this country. If your premise were valid, the entire planet would have been wiped out centuries ago.

Read up on hard/soft/sticky power and then compare that information to world history. It can be quite eye-opening to see who employed what method, what was going on in the world at the time (because we might hate politics but it's too significant to ignore it if we want to understand the world we live in) and what the results actually were.
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