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So does this line - I'll go see what I can find about what "I Think." - mean you're going to bother to do some research for yourself this time? I didn't post any support because you haven't followed up on anything I've given you so far. You can dig up this answer for yourself; prove that you can do it.

And again, your subjective experience (you have not lost your faith, as your god-is-so-awesome posts consistently indicate) for objective reality. If 85% of the country claims to be christian, how could you possibly be right? You don't even need to research it, just apply a dose of common sense and think about it for a minute.

You're still employing sloppy thinking junebug. Try holding off on being offended and consider what I'm trying to get through to you. I'm not insulting you, I'm pointing out what is consistently getting in the way of your efforts to communicate. I'm reluctant to discuss much with you, not because we don't agree about one single stupid topic - I'm reluctant to discuss much with you since you take offense at everything, misunderstand what is being posted by other people, and use vague terms that seem to have definitions that are unique to you and you fail to clarify what you mean by them when asked. I can certainly provide examples if you need to see a few of your old posts to be reminded.

You don't think things through - it's like you stop just one thought too soon and don't follow through to the obvious conclusion - God is taking care of you but ignoring starving children. This is not difficult to understand, yet somehow, you do.

Jag I think things thru very deeply.  Well at least most of the time.  I try very hard to be "impeccable" with my words.  I am not going to change so you'll like me.  I want to make friends but not if I have to be someone I'm not.

 Yal have a stereotype of believers.  You want to get me you have to let that go.  I have checked your links. Like the one about the politician who was using belief to prevent global warming.  I said it was Greed, remember.  I get so tired of  these false accusations and attacks on my character.  I have given sources.  I don't know what it is your talking about.

I have tried to explain freewill.  Do you think God should just feed the kids or should God eliminate the cause.  Mankind is responsible for those kids.  God has never promised us anything.  God has never defined God.  Nobody has a clue.  I'm a positive thinker.  This I can not help.  I'm a lover, can't help that either.  I am who I am.

No I'm here to exchange thoughts and ideas.  Can't a person have those here?

If this is your response to the post you appear to be responding to, you just proved my point. Believe it or not jb, I'm trying to help you have a better experience here. You are welcome to think I'm being mean to you, but I assure you, this is not me being mean - you'll know the difference if you ever see it.

Try again, paying particular attention to the words I bolded. And be very very clear - when I refer to the obvious conclusion, I'm not referring to god beliefs in particular, I'm referring to obvious conclusions in general - you miss most of them (and I think it's because you stop one thought too soon, as I stated) regardless of the topic.

Your reaction to the relocating of your post is another example. Did it occur to you to take a look at the other threads that are posted in this area before jumping to the wrong conclusion, again? YOU are the source of much more of your problems here than you seem to realize.

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