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What do you call someone like myself - a closeted agnostic atheist (I know, besides a fraud)?

If I attend church with my family, but stay out of the fundy-babble and generally dodge the issue "publicly" - am I a atheistic-pseudo-xian?

It's maddening... but it keeps the peace at home and the home "together"

Nothing of the sort! There are a lot of us here (but certainly not all) who are only open about this to a comparatively small group. For me, my boyfriend and kids know, but I'm not inclined to discuss it with any other family members. I'm sure my mother has some questions, but she seems to have chosen to pretend and I'm more than happy to go along with her - there's nothing of value to be gained and she would be distraught if I forced her to know that I dismiss her god out of hand. Some of my friends know, most do not. I'm also lucky to have a very active atheist community in my local area, so I have access to people with whom to talk freely about this. We're pretty active politically as well as socially - I tend to be more involved with the political/social activism gatherings, but the purely social ones are a lot of fun when I can make the time.

Frankly, I'd be lost without the forums I'm a member of online.
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