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For those who would like why I asked these questions.

I asked these questions only to verify if things that I can hear all my life about atheists are true.

My conclusion is the next : I can hear a lot of stupidity because there are only stereotypes.
But certains things are true.

You asked the questions, and we answered. You can draw whatever conclusions you want to from that - I haven't yet mastered the mind control technique needed to make you believe that we are the best-est folks ever  ;D.

I want to caution you just a tiny bit though. You would do well to remember that we, here, are not necessarily a comprehensive cross-section of atheism. You're taking a poll of sorts from a group of people that identify as atheists, yes, but we're also atheists who are computer literate, are inclined to post in discussion forums, and one of the forums happens to be directly about the topic of atheism.

There are a lot of other atheists who do not do any of these things, and may give you a very different perception of what atheists are like. It might be fair to say that you've now got a sampling of what some atheists who are somewhat open about it have to say about how we arrived at our position - but I would be hesitant to consider that representative of atheists in general. We're not an ideal control group, as we aren't a random sampling - we're atheists who virtually mingle in a specific virtual location.
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