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The general american public doesnt give a holy hell.

Personally it makes me sick to my stomach how self centered we are as a nation.

I think it's also true that the general American public doesn't even know in many cases what's actually going on. Yes, we're self-centered (as a nation), but to an extent, I'm not sure how much of the blame lies entirely on us directly.

We're spoon fed exactly what the media believes is going to make money. I don't care if it sounds cynical - media is business and businesses exist to make money. It's no longer the role of the media to provide information, the role is to make a profit for the shareholders. And f the cost of that profit is a stupid self absorbed nation, so be it. The shareholders will be dead before it really becomes a problem, ha ha bitter f'ing ha.

Several big things work against us. A poor primary education system that doesn't teach critical thinking skills, a political system that encourages us see ourselves as "the unquestioned best" without boundaries to best of what, the FCC lost the power to oversee content in the 80's(?) so we get more content that is limited in other countries (violence in particular), and no encouragement to think about anything whatsoever that doesn't directly impact us. There are many reasons behind the surface self-interest. Our cultural force starts with "me" and we've been taught to think that way - it gets us to spend money.

Yes, we can be really self-involved. But we have a lot of factors pressuring us to stay that way, and if you have few or no critical thinking skills, you won't even notice that there's perhaps a problems with all this.

Don't get me wrong, it really upsets me too, but there are reasons it is this way that shouldn't be ignored either.
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