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Jag, how could Moses have classified a bat as a mammal? The classification of species did not come until at least 2000 years later.  I do not even believe the word "mammal" existed at the time of Moses. 

I'm not talking about why Moses got it wrong, I'm asking why GOD didn't get it right. That's a reasonable question as I've already explained, so I would rather you answer that than divert to argue against what I didn't say.

Another word that did not exist back then was homosexual.  I have heard many try to defend homosexuality, claiming the word is not in the Bible. The Bible CLEARLY denounces homosexuality, yet- the word "homosexual" was not used until much later.

FAR more clearly, it denounces wearing mixed fiber clothing and eating shellfish. Read Leviticus and get back to me with an explanation of why THAT set of instructions is not important enough to follow but the ones you think matter are. Then we can move on to Isaiah and discuss the massive amounts of incoherent nonsensical babbling in that book as well.

Also, The path to salvation is very clear and easy- you may think it is "gibberish" but that is your problem and not mine.

Not my problem at all. There is no "path to salvation" and your insistence that there is, much less that it's very clear and easy, is also gibberish. If it's so blatantly obvious, please share it with me, as I can't seem to find it amongst all the instructions to avoid swine flesh and such.
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