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Atheists always try to play with words....

Because the words matter. In fact the words matter wore than anything else except the sentiment behind them. If the words are arranged to form an incoherent message, why should people believe them? The words (the text itself) are all that exist to tell the story of christianity, or any other religion for that matter. One would quite reasonably expect, given how important the message is supposed to be, that god would ensure that the words were actually correct. Since that's obviously not the case, we ask why anyone would believe any of what the text says, given the many obvious errors.

I talked to one guy who said the Bible is false because a bat is not a bird. Well, Moses called it a bird because it was not until the 1700's that scientists classified bats as mammals. Moses just wrote what he knew. John did the same. I do not know how easier I can explain this.

It's not that we don't understand the point you are trying to make. The point you are trying to make is very familiar to most, if not all, of us. Again, if the words in the text are supposed to be the guide to what god expects of human worshipers, one would quite reasonably expect them to be accurate. As in: not subject to interpretation. As in: very clear and explicit. As in: the instruction manual for life seems a pretty important document to proofread before sending it out into the world so people know what god expects of them.

God is all powerful, per every christian I've ever known (myself among them back in the old days). If the text is THE path to salvation, it should be easy to understand and maybe include a few diagrams (one on the structure of the human body would have been awfully handy for medical reason, eh?). Instead of that, this all powerful God allowed us to end up with a book of gibberish that people are willing to kill over.

A child could have done better.
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