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The demographic with money to throw at their penises - that's hilarious!

Truly, all males who read this, I'm not bashing on men. I love men - you're generally stronger than me, you tend to understand mechanical things better than I do, and once we get the silly sex crap out of the way (as in "not going to happen, but you're fun to hang around with so let's be friends and let that be enough"), I enjoy your company a great deal. Plus you understand sports way better than most of my girlfriends!

Now, regarding ED - during all the debate nonsense over birth control in the last few years, over and over I raised this question: why is it perfectly acceptable to have ED medication covered by insurance, but birth control is a different story? How can they argue that ED is not also "from god" - clearly, he doesn't want your penis to work anymore, so who are you to interfere with his will? If god himself has decided to no longer let you have erections, then by god, no more erections for you.

They never see the hypocrisy.
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