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Ooh, another gem!

“Religious Faith” a bridge from reason, logic, and critical thinking to one of an irrational, illogical, emotionally appeasing deluded mindset, enabling the infected with the capability to believe ANYTHING while rejecting facts of reality. What a sad state for a mind.

GetReal:1:1 Behold world, the ignorant, gullible person that believes without proof, without reason, without logic, shackled to their fears by an emotionally deluded blind religious faith in a nonexistent god. Forgive them for they know not how truly ignorant they are.

GetReal 1:2 I say unto you child, allow not your mind to become polluted by superstitious non-sense in order to fulfill an emotional weakness rooted in fear and gullibility.
Forsake the ignorance, stupidity, and emotional need in a deluded religious faith that thee might preserve the rational and logical mind. Seek wisdom in reality, in logic, and love all.

GetReal 1:3 Child, please open your mind to a bit of reason.
Of all the thousands of gods that have been worshiped over the centuries and still many till this very day, that men have shed blood for, died for, and been scarified too, by many different cultures across this planet, were their gods any LESS real to them? No child, for they also lived a willful delusion.
And let us not forget the all the different religions, and all the different beliefs amongst those religions.
So I say to you child, open your eyes for there can only be one truth, and that truth falls far from any god, for it is found in the realm of reality, of reason, logic and critical thinking.

GetReal 1:4 Be not afraid to break the shackles child, fear not the threat of an eternity in fire, for it is simply a tool to achieve submission, to scare you, to frighten you to accept the beliefs of your parents, of your culture, to imprison your mind to a supernatural belief, for fear is a powerful weapon, especially when used to corrupt the mind of a defenseless child, and how dare they inflict this upon you.

I'd like to find the person who posted that and send him or her to ATT to talk to baby zax, aka Maggie. That would be fun to watch.
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