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Would you enjoy it if someone started a thread on how atheism gave people the right to live debauched and godless lifestyles?
Do you have any idea how often this happens? Any guesses about how often it happens in real life, face to face interactions?  We could fill page after page with the offensive, insulting things we hear from theists, based on our inability to believe in any of the various versions of god we've been expected to accept at face value, despite all the conflicting theories about what he wants, and how best to give it to him.

As for your question, if you really want to know, then I suggest you find some good, honest, decent Christians and ask them about it, though i'd advise you not be as insulting to them as you were here.

Ok, then ignore the insulting tone and, if you self-identify as a "good, honest, decent Christian", please answer the questions. So far, you look like the only christian participating. If you don't step up, we're stuck with Wayne, and he'll just tell us a story about how he had a dream about this 27 years ago, and that somehow, this explains the glory of the lord.
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