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A human embryo, is a growing human being... Individual from the Mother. It has its own genetic code and will become a , living thinking human being. Before conception, an egg or a sperm only has half a genetic code... At conception, a unique individual is created separate from the mother.
You're not thinking about what you write. You say "will become a living thinking human being" - we all agree with that, emphasis on BECOME. There is no separation prior to birth - you may not like the word, but "parasitic" comes to mind. And yes, I've given birth to two little parasites myself.

Frankly your argument that Humans are animals is pretty stupid. It is already clear that there is a difference. For example, many would say owning a dog is Ok, but owning a person is not. Cows are raised for their meat... and doing the same with people would be atrocious. So you cant say that humans are animals and that makes it OK, because why that might be true it is still a human being with its own genetic code. So then please tell me how it is different then killing a child?
Not at all clear on how "animal" equates to "can be owned". No one stated or even implied any such thing. (As an aside, if your dog runs away, never to return, do you still own him?) I understand your position, but it's wrong. We ARE animals, just a single species among many. You're stuck on semantics in this case, that doesn't make it stupid. You don't get to stir a bunch of other nonsense into a refutation of what wasn't said in the first place. No one is suggesting raising people for meat.

I understand your position and objections, I really do. But think about this, if you would: under no other circumstances can MY body being co-opted against my will for the benefit of another. I can not be legally required to donate blood to my own already-alive-and-apart-from-me offspring for whom I am obviously responsible (of course I would, but that's not the point) for any reason. The abortion issue is the only case where anyone tries to argue that a person is no longer entitled to autonomy.

And just to keep things interesting, the bible itself states that life begins at first breath, not at conception. Twice.
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