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I think I may be on to something. I have an explanation for the rather conspicuous absence of God for the last 2000 years or so. I wish I would have heard it from a theist though; it's hardly fair for atheists to manage both ends of the debate.

How 'bout this? First, during the OT times we have "God, the Father" who showed up in person every now and then, and occasionally used a handy bush and some fancy pyrotechnics to chat with his special friends. Lots of hollering from the heavens and such; nasty plagues, massive wholesale slaughter, floods and other "natural" disasters; and some guy who lived in a fish for a while. Oh, we mustn't forget that really great practical joke him and Satan played on Job, that was a riot!

Eventually it becomes clear that mankind just doesn't get it, so he manifests as a different aspect of himself, labels it "son", impregnates a virgin, and gets born in human form. Jesus, as this part of God is known, spends a few decades here on Earth in a relatively small area, clearing up some misunderstandings about what God actually expects from us, then gets himself killed to save us from ourselves. Or from God's wrath - I never really got that part.

Anyway, a few day after he died, he came back to life and ascended into Heaven. That must have been quite the sight. Really wish one of these newly enlightened people had had the sense to invent a camera in time to snap a few pictures. This marks the end of Jesus turn as the communications officer.

I would like to suggest that the reason we haven't seen or heard from God OR Jesus in all the years since, is that it's the Holy Spirit's turn to be in charge. And ghosts are not known for their linguistic skills. And he could be shy. Or transparent. Or lip-less.

So, how does that work for an explanation? I've never heard a theist use it, even without all the sarcasm. Am I missing something? Am I just talking to theists who aren't smart enough to come up with it, or is it so obvious it doesn't need to be stated? I can't decide.

Looks like Jesus got shortchanged if this theory is right. God had his way from creation until that star lit up, and the Holy Spirit's been in charge since Jesus moved back in with his dad. Jesus only got a few decades and he never even got laid! The only human body among the three incarnations and he died a virgin, just like his mother. No wonder he's so obsessed about sex. That hardly seems fair.

And as it's well after 3 am here, I might have a little bit too much time on my hands.
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