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I'm in agreement with Nick's suggestion, and perhaps should have been a bit more explicit in my original post. It wasn't intended to be a blanket condemnation of republicans in general, it was specifically in reference to the racism that seems to be embedded in the very vocal segment of the party that I realize is not a completely fair picture of all republicans.

I have conservative leanings, in the traditional sense. I'm fully in favor of fiscally conservative values - I want evidence to back up proposals before throwing boatloads of money at them, I support limits to entitlement programs, and firmly believe that the country works best when the majority of it's citizens are actively involved in improving their own quality of life. I'm a big believer in personal responsibility. I'm a lifelong non-party voter. I have voted for both republicans and third party candidates in the past, and expect to do so in the future as well. That said, I do tend to vote a bit more democrat than not, and probably by a smaller margin than one might suppose, given what I've shared in these posts.

I would be delighted to see the republican party of my youth active today - sadly, that party appears to be long gone. I'm just barely old enough to remember who they were, and can recall the days before they got in bed with the far-right religious groups. That, in my opinion, is the flaw in the current republican party. I don't think the most extreme positions are favored by the majority of republican voters - in fact, I would argue that quite a few of them aren't all that aware of them - but those positions are inextricably linked to the party as a whole, whether that's fair or not.

We barely have a functional two-party system as it is. We need both side working for the best interest of the country, not having pissing contests with each other.

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