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i will definitely be specific for you from now on. My bad.

Hi junebug72, nice to meet you.

Do yourself a favor, and be very specific for everyone, not just for screwtape. Lots of theists arrive here and speak in generalities, but as the discussion progresses, more details emerge that clarify the specific version of belief any particular theist subscribes to. Since we consistently uncover a great deal of variation in beliefs among theists (even those that do follow a particular tradition), the best way to ensure that everyone understands exactly what is or isn't part of any person's particular dogma, specifics are a necessity.

No need to feel put on the spot, we simply need to understand your personal specific beliefs in order to discuss them. Doubly so for a theist who arrives claiming no denomination.  This will help avoid any mistaken assumptions on either side of the discussion. You already made an error regarding charity (and accepted your correction with grace, thank you); it goes both ways. Feel free to ask questions of us as well - you may be surprised as how much we vary on many topics. You may also be surprised by how much we have in common, with you.
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