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Hi Anfauglir,

In a crisis situation, what can one do? It can be a dire health situation, a foreclosure, something where if you don't find an answer right away it is end of story for you or someone close to you. Has anyone reading this found anything that can pragmatically help turn around a critical situation for the better? Anything at all?

You didn't disclose anything concrete - a specific issue you might have in mind - in your post, so it's hard to be certain of what you are really asking. I'll take a stab at it anyway, but the answer is going to be pretty non-specific without more information.

If you are faced with a real world problem, of the general sort you described, the first go-to in my personal toolbox is always to get as much information specific to the problem I'm facing as I can. This could be either research or talking to one or more people who have expertise or experience in whatever I'm addressing. Then I take whatever information I have obtained and look for practical ways to apply it.

There are countless resources available to help with the kind of problems you mentioned, but I would endorse actual human beings first and foremost. There are support groups for pretty much anything you can imagine (and probably many things you can't), counselors, advocates, mediators, social workers, internet groups, friends, family, neighbors, teachers, and professionals. Real people, who care either about you personally or humankind on general, who are ideally suited to help with any problem you might be trying to address - an internet search would be a good place to start if friends and family are not an option. Without more information, it's impossible to give you specific suggestions or even opinions. Tell us what you are talking about and you'll likely get better answers.
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