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Genetic material is passed down from generation to generation.
Random mutations occur and we know they occur because they are often causes of genetic disorders that can be tracked and labeled as mutations.
The earth is very, very old.
Fossils of specific species that are found only in one geological strata are never found in others.  Ever.
Breeding of animals and plants is very successful and uses exactly the same process, with the only difference being the fact that humans choose which traits are kept.
We share large stretches of DNA with many, many different species including other animals and plants. 
Whales breathing air but living in the ocean.
The recurrent laryngeal nerve.
Sharks having white bellies and backs.
Sharp teeth.
Camel humps. 

Ok. I'll comment on a few of these.  Thanks for the list by the way.  Genetic material proves nothing.  We have the same DNA as a monkey?  So?  We have teeth and eyes like many animals, that doesn't mean we evolved from each other. The earth is NOT very old.  Can you prove that it's as old as some say it is?  What are your fool-proof methods of dating?  That's a major area of disagreement, btw.  Mutations occur.  So what?  Fossils found in the same layer is up for argument also.  Dating methods...which have been proven?  Whales?  They breathe air?  So?  Sharp teeth?  What?

Those are the best arguments and evidence that evolution has to offer?  And nobody can answer how the hummingbird evolved....  Think about the process of evolution from start to finish.  Does it seem plausible?  Step by step...think about what you are believing. 
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