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I'm not sure I will be posting anymore at this point. It's understood that I am not wanted here.

Take care.

ILOVEYOU, you are certainly welcome here - but your dismissal of valid points of evidence is not welcome here.  I think this is where you make a false judgement on us.  You seem to be interpreting our genuine desire for truth as some kind of attack on yourself.  This is not at all the case, and I hope you don't think that we don't welcome opinions here.  We want to discuss the topics at hand and the only way to distinguish reality from fairy-tales is to have each member back up their assertions or opinions with some logical reason or evidence on why they believe so.  You have failed to do this, and that is why it is so frustrating.  It seems like you pick and choose what you want to read and respond to when many of us spend hours on this thread writing these posts and trying to show you why your logic is flawed. 

Sometimes, I feel like you are spitting in our faces with your roundabout responses and non-answers.  It is very hard to show you respect when we feel that you have not given us the basic respect to back up your claims with reasonable proof or logic.  If you want to continue to post here, you are expected to provide us with evidence, otherwise you are just "sharing your faith."  How eager would you to hear my good news about the Flying Spaghetti Monster on a Christian forum if you were a member?  I doubt you would be eager at all, and you would probably expect me to give you some good reason that you should listen, otherwise you'd get pretty frustrated hearing the same crap over and over.  Think about it, and please consider sticking around.  You really have nothing to lose.  Maybe you will start to see things in a different light and find answers to our questions.  You can only really become stronger as a person if you constantly put your beliefs on the chopping block and let the evidence hack away the parts that weren't useful anyways.
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