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Welcome Ataraxia.

I'm the wonderful one. I'm here to make Nam look even worse.

Enjoy the diversity!

You're all here to make me look worse.


I like "arse"holes - we'd all be full of shit without 'em.

They don't work alone.  This is why I became skilled at bowel disimpaction when I was a CNA.   :o  Welcome to the forum.  I am the former crazy theist.  I maintain my fragile grasp on sanity by providing comic relief where I can.  I am now a  disillusioned non believer.    :(  Don't know what to do my 1st xmas without faith & a kid who still believes.  Think I'll celebrate Saturnalia  or Solstice & still put up my tree.   :-

As I told you before, and I am sure others, too: Christmas has nothing to do with Christians, especially today. Anyway, Jesus was born around August or so (if he existed) so Jesus day should be then. My sister-in-law is a strong atheist, she celebrates because even she agrees it has nothing to with Christianity.

I recently bought a 2-film Christmas collection of It's a Wonderful Life which only mentions angels. Doesn't mention Biblegod  or Jesus, or anything. What Christianity is in that movie? And the other film White Christmas. Where is Jesus and Biblegod  in that film? "Lord" was mentioned in a song but past that: no where else. See, even back then Christmas wasn't about Christianity--when has it ever?

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