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I'm mainly applauded for my humor, and mainly smited for being an asshole.



really and truly an asshole? Or just unwilling to candy coat?  Honest question.

Depends who you ask, I guess but I did recently state that a member who implied committing suicide, or dying in some way probably should have committed to that then coming here. Or something. I got a lot of smites for that.


Ahhhh I see.  I'm not going to judge that because I didn't see it in context.  I shall wait and see and make my own opinion.  I'm known among friends and family as an "inappropriate laugher" -- in that I am known to laugh during extremely inappropriate times.  Like say, a funeral.  I am NOT proud of this, just stating the facts.  ;)

Just so people don't think I'm leaving anything out, she apparently has/had cancer but I haven't believed one thing she has ever said, and I don't like her, so me saying that about her (or to her) doesn't bother me, at all. Whether I am right or wrong about her (in concern with the "cancer") is irrelevant to me based on the fact I don't like her, at all. To everyone else it's relevant whether it's true or not thus the smiting.

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