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Sunday school teachers, or female teachers throughout my life were extremely attractive women. Even my Junior High principal (who was 34, at the time) was attractive. Also, short. I think she was 5'2", or something. Boys went to school just to see her. Lucky us, our Junior year, she became our High School principal. My 10th grade English teacher was sexy, literally. Like a model, and she was into punk rock and played the drums.

Oh, memories...


You bastard:  except for the nuns, most of my teachers were ex-army drill sergeants... except for the ones that were ex-marine drill sergeants. :P

If it makes you feel better, the High School I went to was the 2nd toughest High School (out of 20 total) in the district. And when I say "tough" I don't mean the school was strict, I mean kids bringing knives and guns to school, a bomb threat at least once a week, students having sex in places and positions I've mainly only seen in hc porn-with a live-on campus deputy sherrif with his own strike force to keep order which they couldn't do. Regular gang fights, mainly The Cowboys (Racist Rednecks) against The Towels (black gang that wore white towels on their shoulders or on their heads), and countless other shit of a student population of over 6,000.

But we had a great football and basketball team, and a shitload of programs in which I took no part in. Oh, we also had a "student smoking area" (cigarettes).
Oh, and our principal let us graffiti the school (as long as it was positive).


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