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or maybe the prospect of another pointless debate with ignorant fundies.  :o
You can hand them off to me if you like.  While I don't precisely enjoy the experience of smashing down their arguments, it does let me work out some of my stress.

One of the main reasons why I joined this website. Good stress reliever.


Bing. Same here. I may have to kow tow to superstitious nonsense at work and with family. Not here.

Well, mine is more in the actual arguing more than relenting, which I rarely do anyway. Recently, an aunt of mine kept calling me a "jerk" and by the fifth time I replied to her, "You know, for one who is so set on no profanity being said in her house you don't seem to have a problem with name-calling and since you don't if you continue calling me a "jerk" I'm going to start calling you aunt Bitch." She was speechless. Was I being a jerk? Yes but it's irrelevant based on her "no profanity in my house" rule; and calling someone a "jerk" is being profane. Why people think water-downed versions of words are actually not those words is beyond me.


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