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I think the first step is getting those who believe in a "god", to answer, what is "god"? Each individual theist who believes in a "god" has their own definition. Perhaps a group(s) of theists hold the same definition but if you get right down to it I bet each individual in said group(s) is different in some way to the others in their group.

But then is every theist who believe in a god sure if their god exists?

I doubt it.

So one could conclude "there are no theists[1] in foxholes".

 1. who believe in a god

Oh you are right there.  I think theists in the strictest sense are few and far between when push comes to shove they question the existence of god.  My friend wants to use on atheists strictest definition to mean not a shread of doubt or room for doubt, if that standard applied to theists 99.9999999% of them probably fall into agnostic camp as well.

You keep talking about your "friend", I don't care about your friends thought, I doubt many do here. We care about your thoughts: your reference to your friend makes, not just me I am sure, that when you say "my friend" you're actually speaking about yourself.

You are here. We want to know your thoughts, not some imaginary[2] friend's thoughts.

Until then, for me, you come off as a delusional idiot.

 2. in the sense they aren't here
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