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I must admit that since I have given up on faith I feel somewhat rudderless and hopeless.  I look at the bins of Christmas decorations in my hallway and want to cry.  Some of those ornaments are treasures and precious memories to me of people who gave them to me or made them for me.  Now what do I do with them?  I am 50 years old and for all of my previous years it has been tradition to put up a tree and decorate and celebrate and my son is 14 and I have always done this with him.  Now do I just say "No present for you, no reason to celebrate."?

Christmas isn't about Jesus or Christianity. Jesus wasn't even born on December 25th[1]. Paganism, as it stands, holds the holiday of "Christmas". From being persecuted Christians celebrated their special days in masque of pagan holidays. What does a tree have to do with Christianity? What do lights on said tree? What do presents? What does Santa Claus or reindeers have to do with Christianity? Absolutely nothing.

Easter is also masqued in the veil of a pagan holiday for a god called Eostre who looked a lot like a bunny who laid eggs. What does that have to do with Christianity? Absolutely nothing.

So...celebrate away.

 1. if he actually existed
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