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There wasn't evidence to convict because the jury was constrained by the judge in the method of how the jury could come to the conclusion of the findings. Based on such constriction there were really only two options posed to them: not guilty and or they can't make a final decision. (hung jury) Guilty seemed to be taken off the table based on those restrictions.

And also, there were more than one juror. You're speaking about one juror. Four of the six jurors stated that the one juror who first spoke after the trial did not represent them in any way. From my understanding, most of them felt he deserved jail time but they couldn't rule that way based on the judges orders based on the Stand Your Ground law itself.

Also, if the people are the Justice system, then how exactly can't it be broken? If the people can, so can the things they create and implement.

Oh, and many many MANY people create false statistics. Not saying your statistics are false but false ones do exist. And others manipulated. And the black society is portrayed as menacing because many white people portray them that way. Sadly, so do some black people.

Isn't it ironic that 30-40 years ago in the US whites were portrayed as menacing and now it's reversed; mainly because those same white people and their offspring etc., have propagandi'd (?) It over the years.

The KKK, white nationalist groups, storm front.org, and a good deal of the Republicans and Tea Party caucuses.

It's funny: the Republicans freed the slaves and now they're trying to enslave them once again.

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