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I applauded someone yesterday for taking on Junebug's inanity, and since she's already smited all her comments to her from me I guess she had to find one from 2012 to properly smite me. I feel that's abuse of the Karma system. However, if that's not enough: she seems to smite any comment that contradicts her viewpoint or she deems as "us" calling her a liar.

Imagine if people used the karma system based on lies? Or perceived lies.

Minus today, I note that most of her smites to me are warranted for calling her "vile" and an "idiot" but smiting people for inane things like "lie" or "that's not what I believe"  or for looking for a comment to smite (tactic used at IGI) I think is abusing the Karma system.

Perhaps I'm wrong. I know she thinks so. But I like to "hear" it from you. If a member is abusing another member they should report it to a moderator not smite said member for anything they say.

Just to put it out there: minus today, I haven't smited her (apparently) since June 24th.


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