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If I didn't mean what I said, I wouldn't say it. So, she had surgery of the day, and was online that day. So, besides the "day" mix up, I would have responded the same way.

I don't take things back that I mean. Look for a politician for that. Rand Paul, for example...oh, wait, he didn't apologize either, he just made an excuse. Well, pick another guy.


You might have meant what you said but what people are trying to tell you is you were wrong.  It's called open mouth insert foot. 

Did you gain or lose respect for Rand Paul because of the way he dealt with his mistake?  I think you can be a better man than that.

I had surgery at 5 pm on Thursday.  I left the hospital at 7:30 pm same day.  I was online Friday morning.  I have a small incision about 2.5" on my breast and another one 3" under my arm.  They didn't crack open my chest.  I am able to use my arm but under DR orders not to lift above 90 degrees.  The internet or TV is very appropriate.

I think it's best if I ignore you. You remind me too much of GamerGirl. I dislike her, and I dislike you. Everything you say sounds to me like total and complete nonsense. I want to smite every post you make, and make comments that will just be so cruel, I will do out some of my past cruel comments.

Though I am willing to risk it just to see those "future" comments, I think it's best I do not.

So have fun conning everyone else here with your sappy stories, I shall not partake. It should be noted: in conversation (unless you respond to a topic of mine and I have no choice in the matter) but since smiting isn't conversing with you; that's free game.

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