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FYI - junebug is having cancer surgery today from what she has said in another thread - you might not hear from her for a bit


She posted the next day (stated in her reply right after yours), who gets on the internet right after they have major surgery? I know: those who don't have surgery and just say they do.


Steady, nam... you're a bit too ready with your implications. You may owe junebug an apology.

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If I didn't mean what I said, I wouldn't say it. So, she had surgery of the day, and was online that day. So, besides the "day" mix up, I would have responded the same way.

I don't take things back that I mean. Look for a politician for that. Rand Paul, for example...oh, wait, he didn't apologize either, he just made an excuse. Well, pick another guy.

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